Log Home Life-we might be biased.. but it’s just the best

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Hi everyone, it is apparent that getting into the habit of this blogging thing is taking a bit of getting used to. (Insert blushing emoji here) We are going to make our very best effort to keep you in the loop, and hope to update this blog on the regular!

Now that that is out of the way, we wanted to share some of the stuff that made our craft home for us Kutzers.

About 10 years ago we built a log home for our own family. What an exciting and incredible time that was! Truly a labour of love, we put our hearts and souls into it. Fast forward to 2016 we’ve sold that home, and are preparing to do it all over again… I like to refer to that last part as “happysad”

It was happiness in that now our kids are older and have all sorts of ideas of their own for the design details of our new home. Happiness because it was a goal of ours to do it again. Happiness because when planning for this home, we take into account that at some point while living here, there might be sweet grandchildren running around, and all of those things are joyous.

It was sadness because we were saying goodbye to the house our boys grew up in. Lost teeth in. Ate copious amounts of sushi in. Where Cheryl’s sisters wedding took place,  where there was Easter egg hunt after Easter egg hunt. We were coming to the end of a chapter, and it was the thought of saying goodbye to the memories we made within those warm walls that made it feel sad.

I’m happy to report that as we prepare for the next house, (of course expect to see some MountainRidge log and timber goodness in it) we sit around the island in our kitchen, all four of us pouring over every detail of the plans. With excitement, our boys tell us about what they love, what they want to change,  and all the things they think will be cool about when we live there. I don’t spend time worrying about the “saying goodbye” part of the old house either because those memories, I have realized are locked up tight in our memory banks. They aren’t going anywhere, and that makes me HAPPY. Hallelujah!

I’ll leave you today with some photos of the way we did “Log Home Life” and what made it home for us. Adventure awaits….


www.renarayphotography.com www.facebook.com/RenaRayPhotography

Photo credit : RenaRay Photography

www.renarayphotography.com www.facebook.com/RenaRayPhotography

Photo Credit: RenaRay Photography







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